Your Voice


Kristin K.

Yeonhy is a phenomenal trainer that really listens to what you want to achieve and structures the sessions accordingly. Your goals/aspirations are her number 1 focus and she will do whatever it takes to get you there. You might think that something is not "doable" but with a little pratice and will be surprised. Yeonhy has alot of knowledge and experience with training, nutrition, etc. She will push you harder than you've been pushed before but I guarantee you that in the end, it is all worth it!!!!

Erin B.

Yeonhy is an awesome trainer who really knows her stuff. She has the ability to push me to new limits while allowing me to learn something new. Her workouts are intense, hard and fun all at the same time. She always found new elements to incorporate into the workouts to help reach your goals. I loved the battleropes! It's nice to have a trainer that really focuses on you an your personal goals. She's the best!

Ron S.

Yeonhy is a tremendous personal trainer! She'll push you hard, but the results are dramatic. Yeonhy is passionate about helping people be healthy and feel good about themselves. She has a broad repertoire of fitness approaches, which she effectively tailors to your personal circumstances. Best of all, she's personable, funny and a good sport!

Bill S.

I'm trying to shed the 50 pounds I put on over the past nine months (yeah, I know), and I'm trusting Yeohny's expertise to help get me there. She knows her stuff, trust me. I'll be her walking, talking billboard to prove it. I recommend Yeohny for anyone looking to get into better physical health - no matter their age, condition or ability level - but only if they're willing to put in the work. Yeonhy is incredibly talented, has a great track record of success with her clients and is very personable and motivating.

Greg W.

I’ve had three surgeries on my back and I am able to work out in class with no issues. Both trainers know that I have to make slight adjustments to ensure my back isn’t compromised when I lift weights. I already feel stronger.